Wine Hospitality of Genagricola spa

Valpantena (VR) and Colli Orientali del Friuli (UD), Italia

Genagricola spa the largest agricultural company in Italy (owned by the Generali group) decides to offer hospitality and wine tourism experiences on two estates: Costa Arènte and Torre Rosazza

Main objectives:

- Build awareness and credibility for the two estates
- Create ambassadors of Costa Arènte and Torre Rosazza wines in Italy and abroad
- Offer experiences that allow guest to immerse into the territories of the brands

Initial status:

The two estates previously hosted only internal group events. Opening to the external public requires the
creation of a new business unit with its own strategy, organizational structure and operational management.

  • Preparation of Business Case
  • National and territorial benchmark analysis/ Definition of competitor set
  • Elaboration of a positioning strategy for economically sustainable management and operations
Start up
  • Definition and creation of the organisation structure of operations
  • Elaboration of the Action plan of the start up period/ licenses of the activities/ staff trainings/ support to operations
  • Definition of sales and marketing channels, tools and procedures
  • Development - commercial strategy / processes and budget-monitoring-forecasting system to support the teams to follow the main objectives and among actual market circumstances
  • Interim management / on the job training of managers and operational staff of the estates
  • Support for the operations of the structures
  • Management of the digital booking engine (Divinea Wine Suite) and Google My Business / Google ADS platforms of the properties
  • Conclusion of commercial agreements with sales channels (on & off line)
  • Leading the Budget-monitoring-forecasting activities
  • Collaboration with professional partners (on site and at professional fairs) to minimize the length of the market awareness creation period


  • Successful launch of new activities within months after the strategic decision to create the new business unit
  • Services and operations in line with the positioning plans
  • Constantly growing awareness both on & off line channels

Photo: Wine Hospitality of Genagricola spa

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